16 September 2007

two days of pure agony...

since i don't really play video games and i don't know how to use photoshop or photo editor or anything of the sort (though im trying to learn) i decided that the technology that i would use would be a website that frequent... and frustrates me every single time that i go on it. WebCT.
day 1. (yesterday) i visited in the morning to re-read this assignment and make sure that i was getting everything down. while on the site i noticed the site going at a much slower rate than usual. no one likes to wait. then when i click on the discussions tab, since there is a little green star which i take to indicate some type of new msg or something the thing logs me out. so i log back in and try to get back to the discussions board. it logs me out again... this is very frustrating so i give up and walk away. i use it again in the evening- which is usually when i would be on the computer messing about or doing homework of some kind- i return to the page to find a paper that i had to read and when i try to print it nothing occurs. i check several times more and the output on the printer screen says ) pages, so this means i have to read off the screen. my tolerance to sit and stare at the computer screen without migrating towards something else is very low. so i inevitably end up surfing over to other pages, and whenever i return to the document i seem to be signed out. i am in deep dislike of WebCT at this point. in order to use WebCT properly you must have the basic ability to navigate around the site and quite possibly a lot of patience to deal with all of the glitches that it has. I am not sure why this was happening, as i only have basic knowledge of computers and media tools in general.. its not a difficult site to manipulate, colour changes and posting is simple enough with a tool bar at the side that guides you through the process...
day 2 so i decide to try and navigate my way around WebCt a little bit more to see if i can figure out why it continues to log me out and has loading problems. in this mess i try and figure out how, if possible, to load a pciture on. this proves impossible as does figuring out how to fix my tech. problems; i suppose ill have to call a tech guy who knows more about these things. in the meantime i changed the colour of my pages to my favourite colours of
that was fun. i realized that using this website is a fact of life, i need it to get my readings, find out when assignments are/post assignments and reply to discussions. so i might as well learn to at least tolerate it. i realized that its a great way to get help with assignments because you can keep in contact with the whole class without having to physically acquire everyones email address or screen name. I am pretty tech. illiterate so its fairly easy to use nature is useful for those like me or even less tech. literate. I find it easier to use it during the middle of the night when there is less traffic and it isn't slow and frustrating. it doesn't require much just basic motor skills, visual skills and the ability to be patient. which i am not. if you are more cognitive than others with tech, as described earlier, you might have an easier time on this site than i. or maybe not.
i can say clearly that
... am not a fan.

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