26 November 2007

flash animation

for my flash i am going to do an animation for the song "i like giants" by kimya dawson

i have some of it done and it is on youtube : D

after seeing it i can tell some of the timing problems i am having but overall i really like it!

flashing is like an addiction, time flys by so fast with each minute detail that you have to worry about in its linear form. i like being able to tweak things so small yet making such a change to the story.

ill post the final too once its done.. yay!

25 November 2007

video collaboaration

well we got to make a movie.. and i have to say that i think it turned out rather well in the end with some careful editing and transitions; the final product was good. the getting there process was a bit frustrating as it is when you work in groups. to start off with we brainstormed different ideas. this a fairly simple task turned into a debate and i felt that people were being favoured over others so i decided to leave the conversation. the brainstorming was difficult. finally the group ended up going online searching for a storyline.. and using that. the storyboards with then quickly, and sketchily drawn; and handed in without much thought to shot sequence, transition, style, scenes or any other thing for that matter. over the next few days i worried about how our project was going to turn out, with so many voices and only a few being heard... i worried. so i kept thinking about concepts that would work with this narrative. and because its supposed to be an awkward joke i thought that the office style of filming and sequences would work perfectly to portray the essence and motif of the film.
once we started shooting things went pretty smoothly. we realised that it was getting a little bit long so we decided to cut a scence out that coule be represented in a different way, which ended up working out.
it was difficult for us to co-ordinate times to get together to edit the video so it was sort of left up to a few people in the group. they did a very basic editing by splicing shots together and making it a whole. but without transitions effects or sound, which were imperative to the film. kind of frustrating as well b.c. as a group we had depended on these people to finish the film on time... so... during class i decided to take it upon myself to finish it off. and it turned out really well!
the experience on a whole was... well... difficult since non of us had any experience in editing films, which gave us a disadvantage considering many of the other groups had more experience, or at least one more literate person where this was the first time for all of us doing this, or any other projects in our class for that matter. in that respect i think that everyone tried his or her best, but sometimes people are lazy. i also think its difficult to work in groups where nobody really has an idea where to start because they have never dealt with this type of medium before. also in large groups people need to learn how to listen to everyones ideas and take them into consideration, myself included. i really enjoy editing and have realized that a lot in this class... i have an ability to pay attention to detail (its called perfectionism) and feel overall our project turned out well despite shaky beginnings.