13 September 2007


9:00 phone alarm goes off
9:17 alarm goes off again
10:01 iPod goes on
16:23 enter apple store and google then write a msg on facebook... leave store quickly before salespeople catch me on facebook
16:27 re-enter apple store and play with new iPhone... realize its not worth the hype... the buttons are very difficult to press and it needs to be upgraded, it would be silly to purchase one now
17:34 re-enter car and resume iPod listen-age
19:01 Facebook/msn
19:01 check email
19:02 check other email
20:06 blog/facebook
20:26 msn/facebook/webCT (so frustrating)/ manage a few photos and experiment with different ways to post them on blog
20:47 meet dwindledust... newest distraction...

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21:10 realize the clock on blog is wrong and try to find someway to change it but really don't know how
21:29 finally figure out how to change the clock, and realize i was distracted by facebook/msn/myspace/webCT and email all whilst doing this

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