13 September 2007

free day

okay, so i didn't post yesterday, but that was due to a media free day!! i decided that i would try to go a whole day without using any type of media... without cheating. the only thing i gave into was one text msg to my mother. which needed to be answered. it was tough, it made me realize how much we rely up in the media, i had to go somewhere, and instead of just looking it up on the internet i had to find a mapbook and look it up... instead of going on msn messenger to quickly let someone know that i was headed over to talk to them, i had to find a land line to ring them on, i had to listen to the radio or nothing at all, i had to find other ways to fill time, and i found that i was more productive than i have been in a while. with all the distractions that the internet and cell phones and iPods and email and facebook and all those other sites that you just stumble upon bring you waste a LOT of time. this frustrates me. i generally get frustrated by this because i depend a lot on the internet for communication. and i wonder when it happened that i needed to check my email a few times a day, or play cards for hours just to be distracted. and when im sitting reading the computer just distracts me. i could be chatting with friends, playing game, talking on the phone, listening to iTunes and reading. this distraction leads to less retention of information. ive decided to make lists.....

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